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Nicky Hardman
Amazone nummer 16,
Oktober/November 2007
Photographs Hypofocus, Nicky Hardman

Little America is featured on page 24, the fifth page of the article. The following horses of Little America are pictured in this article:

  • Page 20 (and 21), the first (and second) page: Pride's Dutch Dixie, Leroy's Midnight Victor and Postmark's Bay Bussarette

  • Page 23, the fourth page, upper part: Postmark Delight

  • Page 24, the fifth page: Postmark Delight, Suzanne Thomassen up

  • Page 25, the sixth page, lower part at left and underneath: Postmark's Bay Bussarette

    Of course, the advertisement shows Postmark Delight!

Last Updated: May 05, 2008