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Buster's Dutch Darling
Buster's Dutch Darling #961311, with Ingrid Deubel up, relaxing after a ride.

Buster's Dutch Darling joined our herd in 2006,  and is in foal to Postmark Delight. She's a full sister to Buster's Fair Leroy and we're very eager to see the result of the combination of these bloodlines.

Late in July, Linchen (Buster's Dutch Darling) delivered her first foal without any complication, only, she let me wait very long! Linchen gave birth in the meadow during the morning in bright daylight! The name this filly was given later by her new owner, Dutch Rising Sun, is in full compliance with this!

We were very happy that Linchen had no problems at all in pregnancy and in giving birth, she also turned out to be a very good mother, providing her filly with lots of nourishing milk.

Buster's Dutch Darling has a difficult past because she contracted Lyme disease while living in Germany. In 2003 she was checked positive for Borrelia (the causative agent for Lyme disease) and she was treated with antibiotics accordingly. Most probably as a sequel of the Lyme disease, Linchen then got severely foundered.

These days she can walk, trot and canter very well with her front hooves shod with orthopedic shoes (Cytek shoes).  However her front hooves are damaged irreversibly by being foundered. It turned out that Linchen could enjoy motherhood like any other mare. Of course we'll have to take care what we feed her as she's probably more susceptible to getting foundered again than other horses.

(Cytek shoes, see:, for the Dutch:
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