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Buster's Fair Leroy and Henk

Actually, for Europe, the story of Buster's Fair Leroy starts when Mrs. Betty Sain of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, exported a four-years old mare by her World Grand Champion stallion Shaker's Shocker, to Belgium.

This mare, Shocker's Sweetheart, was used for recreational riding for many years. Then her owner died and his widow offered the mare for sale. She was advertised in a Dutch horse periodical as "American Strolling Horse", or in Dutch as: "Amerikaans Wandelpaard".

Shockers Sweetheart

Well-known German gaited horse trainer, Walter Feldmann Jr., lived in the Netherlands at the time and noticed the ad. He surely knew about gaited horse breeds and supposed a Tennessee Walking Horse was meant! He went and bought the mare and then used her for breeding. However, there were virtually no TWH stallions around, and the last foal Walter bred from her was by an Icelandic stud!

In 1989, I got the opportunity to buy this fine mare from Walter and for breeding, I went to the best I could find at the time:  a direct son of Pride of Midnight H.F., residing in England!  A friend of mine, breeder of Icelandics and Dutch Trotters, had noticed this horse in a meadow while she was on holiday in England.  Imagine the coincidence: a Dutch lady with much interest for gaited horses, on holiday in England, happens to look at the only Tennessee Walker around in England!

Buster's Fair Leroy

In London, two TWH's had been shown to introduce the breed to the English people.  Fine breeding stallions they surely were:  The Pusher (himself!) and Premier Delight, but these studs returned to the U.S.A. after their performance.
The Pusher CG   Premier Delight

Just friends - Photo by Lode Greven Leroy in February 2006 - Photo by Lode Greven

In 1989 Pride of '76 was the only TWH around in all of England. From German friends I heard about a Voice article on the export of this stallion to England, so I got evidence that he was a genuine TWH!  

Anyway, Shocker's Sweetheart with her colt by an Icelandic horse travelled to England by boat. She stayed at the court of Pride of '76 for ten weeks and returned to the Netherlands, in foal with Pride's Dutch Dixie, Leroy's dam!

So, Buster's Fair Leroy combines World Grand Champion bloodlines (see pedigree Pride's Dutch Dixie) with the old heritage bloodlines of Lad's Black Buster.

Portrait of Leroy and Maryan - Leroy, as gentle as a stud can be...
February 2006 - Photo by Lode Greven

Both Leroy's parents are black and the chance that the color of his grandsire Kings Delightful Lad would come through was one in eight. The folks in the Netherlands who were taking care of my pregnant mare, Dixie, while I was living and working in Germany, had been informed about the possibility of a palomino foal but they hardly believed it. After my very yellow colt, Leroy, was born, they stated that if they hadn't seen the mating of Dixie and Buster, they would have concluded that the foal was by another sire!

Leroy grew up happily with his dam and a German Warmblood mare. With Dixie he made a striking picture: pitch-black mare with yellow colt at her side! After weaning he was raised together with a Peruvian Paso stallion of the same age. You bet they showed each other which gait they thought best!

Leroy being shown at the IGV Inspection, as a yearling in 1996
photos by Lothar Lenz (

When three years old Leroy got his first prize: he was Champion Stallion at the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch and I got a big metal plate with weapon, donated by the German city of Wuppertal. There was another coincidence: in Wuppertal I once rode a full brother of Buster, on a ride through the woods.

Leroy has surely been shown at several occasions however he doesn't have the extensive show experience of his sire! Mostly, Leroy became my personal riding horse, after I got myself "weaned", more or less, off riding Buster all the time!

Buster's Fair Leroy

Info for prospective breeders:

Size at the withers: 1,54 meter

Color: palomino (the old term for this color is yellow)

Like his sire, Leroy is low-grade sabino and like Buster he is also DNA tested on lethal white with as result "negative" (which is really positive!)Leroy's daughter Heavens Gaits April Shower is an example of high-grade sabino.

As for Leroy's size, it should be noted that his grandsire, Pride of '76, was a really big horse of 1,70 meter (16 hands, 3 inches). This size may show off in Leroy's offspring.  Leroy's breeding fee for 2009 is set at Euro 750.
For partbred foals, there is a discount for this fee.

Please find offspring information on several children of this stud under the button "progeny" above.

Breeding fee/Decktaxe:  750 Euros
Click HERE for an illustrated, 14 generation pedigree analysis.
Busters Fair Leroy delivers a gene pool consisting of:
16.406% Midnight Sun
17.6025% Roan Allen
22.1075% Allan F-1
11.72% Wilson's Allen
8.9365% Hunter's Allen F-10
4.6875% Merry Boy
Lad's Black Buster Midnight Secret Pride Of Midnight  In Action
PRIDE'S DUTCH DIXIE #907314 1966 WGCh Shaker's Shocker 1960 WGCh Mack K's Handshaker 1945 and 1946 WGCh Midnight Sun
1947 and 1948 WGCh Merry Go Boy Pride Of Stanley