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Palomino colt born 5th of July 2007
Sire: Lad's Black Buster
Dam: Bridget - grade chestnut gaited mare, type TWH

Suzanne took care of the pregnant mare Bridget and was there when this little fellow was born. On his first day of life Hero is a very light palomino, shining bright!
Buster's last foal - just landed
Bravely looking at a New World, here's Buster's Last Hero!

Buster's last Hero - as 5 months old weanling - can have Partbred TWH papers from Montana and/or Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch Papers.

Here are two little video's showing Buster's Last Hero going along with his dam Bridget who's on the lunge-line.

One is showing him gaiting quite slow, at the other he goes faster!

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