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Buster's Moonshine Tango can, in time, develop into a riding horse with also good jumping ability. He's like his sire, Lad's Black Buster, clearing fences occasionally, just by jumping over when it suits him!

He surely needs proper fencing and I also hope to get another TWH yearling colt to raise him with. Tango is developing into a much bigger and sturdier horse than his sire, Buster, yet he clearly looks like a Buster son with lots of expression in his head and his stature.

Buster's Moonshine Tango - 22 Jul

Little Lady's Treasure & Buster's Moonshine Tango
Little Ladys Treasure and Tango

We measured him, now one year old, he's got the size of half-brother Leroy exactly: 1,54 m.!

Here I'm with my mummy and learning about all those smells!

Midnight Lunar & Tango "Hey, what about my latest kid? - he's special you know!" 


Buster's Moonshine Tango getting much desired attention from Claudia.

Tango and Claudia, reaching high!