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"Leroy's Midnight Victor at the Exloo Dutch TWH championship, at seven weeks old."
"Leroy's Midnight Victor at the
Exloo Dutch TWH championship, at seven weeks old."

Below is a little calendar of shows, clinics and other horse events in this area, where gaited horses can be shown or promoted. 


19th to 23rd

Eurocheval Fair, Offenburg FRG, presentation of the TWH breed. (participation with Pride's Dutch Dixie)


6th Wickrath, Mönchengladbach FRG, Show of the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch, presentation of the TWH breed
28th Aachen FRG, World Equestrian Games, presentation of the TWH breed. (participation with Pride's Dutch Dixie and Main's Free Spirit


7th to 10th Alpenrod, Hessen FRG, European TWH Championships & Clinics
15th to 17th Deurne Netherlands, Horse Event, presentation of the TWH breed

If you know of other events which should also be posted here, please contact

Eurocheval Fair, Offenburg

Nicole Liebelt with her champion TWH gelding, Jim Knopf, made the most impressive show at the 2006 Eurocheval, unrolling a flag with smoke and thunder!

A bit more sedate participants at the Eurocheval representation of the TWH breed were Franziska Liebelt with gelding Beam's Playboy and Maryan Zyderveld with Pride's Dutch Dixie. The weather was blazing hot, but we were all dressed formally!
There the three of us are out at the show grounds, Franziska at left, Maryan and Nicole under the American flag, which is carried by the carriage, almost hidden from view, with driver Russell Walker Keyser.

In front of the participants, our banner was carried in: Get on.....Be moved....Smoothly...., this job was done on turns by some of the many helpers at the show, even by Mr. Charles Hulsey, our TWHBEA Executive Director, himself!
Not to forget our speaker at Offenburg's Eurocheval, TWHBEA Director for Germany, Frank Jugert, assisted by Margarete Malberg. In full swing, Frank is providing information on the breed and little stories on each of us, towering over the small ring where we gave a little demo several times a day, in more casual dress.

After one of the shows we made a group picture of all six participants, from left to right: Maryan, Nicole, Russell, Denise Bader, Franziska, Cathleen Balz, hidden behind us the helpers keeping the banner!

Wickrath, Mönchengladbach FRG

At the Wickrath Summer Fair (Mönchengladbach, Germany), organized by the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch, various horsebreeds were presented, surely also the Tennessee Walking Horse. Two stallions approved by the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch were shown, as well as a mare with foal. Able speaker commenting on the horses and the breed was the TWHBEA director for Germany, Frank Jugert.

Buster At Wickwrath - 2006

The two approved breeding stallions were shown in classical English show-outfit (Pushing Midnights Shade with Ulrike Munnes-Jugert up) and in Western style (Buster's Fair Leroy with Maryan Zyderveld up).

Here's a picture of Buster's Fair Leroy, being attentive to his rider and unimpressed by the multitude of onlookers!