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For your convenience, we have gathered together a library of some of the best horse books available on the net.  They cover all aspects of man's interaction with the horse, including breeding, training, horsemanship, making money with horses, and some of the most famous fiction ever written about our favorite subject - the horse!  Enjoy!

Complete Horse Care Manual
by Colin J. Vogel
Horse Care
by Judith Draper
A Complete Guide to Horse Care
by S. Hastie
& J. Sharples
The Horse's Health from
A to Z
by Peter Rossdale
& Susan Wreford
Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoof Care
by Jamie Jackson
Understanding the Equine Foot
by Fran Jurga
Horse Anatomy Workbook
by Maggie Raynor
Horse Structure
and Movement
by Reginald H. Smythe
The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotionby S. Pilliner & S.  Elmhurst The Horse's
Muscles in Motion
Understanding the Horse's Back
by Sara Wyche
Know Your Horse Inside Out: A Clear, Practical Guide to Understanding and Improving Posture and Behaviour
by Sarah Fisher
Practical Horse Massage: Techniques for Loosening and Stretching Muscles
by Renate Ettl
A Hotline to Your Horse: A Pressure Point System for Solving Muscle Problems
by Chris Olsen
What Horses Bad Behaviour Means and How to Correct It
by G. Bucklin
Veterinary Notes For Horse Owners: An Illustrated Manual Of Horse Medicine And Surgery
by Daniel Hayes
Complete Horse Care Manual (RSPCA) by Colin Vogel
Understanding Equine Acupuncture by Rhonda Rathgeber
Care and Management of the Older Horse by Heather Parsons
Maximum Hoof Power: How to Improve Your Horse's Performance
Through Proper Hoof Management by Cherry Hill
Hands-On Senior Horse Care: The Complete Book
of Senior Equine Management and First Aid by Karen E. N. Hayes and Sue M. Copeland
All Horse Systems Go: The Horse Owner's Full-Color Veterinary Care and Conditioning Resource
for Modern Performance, Sport, and Pleasure Horse  by Nancy Loving
The Everything Horse Care Book by Christopher DeFilippis
The BHS Complete Manual of Stable Management
by The British Horse Society
The BHS Veterinary Manual Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners by Matthew Horace Hayes Veterinary Care
of the Horse
by Sue Devereaux
The Horse Nutrition Bible
by Ruth Bishop
Horse and Stable Management
by Jeremy Houghton Brown, Sarah Pilliner & Zoe Davies
Equine Stud Management
by Melanie Bailey
Practical Stud Management
By John Ross
Keeping a Horse the Natural Way: A Natural Approach to Horse Management for Optimum Health and Performanceby Pat Parelli, Jo Bird & Bob Langrish Equipping Your Horse Farm
by Cherry Hill
The Whole Horse Catalog: The Complete Guide to Buying, Stabling and Stable ManagementSteven D. Price Stablekeeping: A Visual Guide to Safe and Healthy Horsekeeping
by Cherry Hill
Grooming and Stable Management
by Kate Needham
Horse and Stable Management Incorporating Horse Care
by Jeremy Houghton Brown
Stable Management for the Owner-Groom
by George Wheatley
The Manual of Stable Management: Book 2: Care of the Horse
Know Stable Design and Management by Lawrence Langer
The Private Stable by James A. Garland
Stud Manager's Handbook by Frank H Baker
Horse Business Management: Managing a Successful Yardby Jeremy Houghton Brown Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business
by Mary Ashby McDonald
Running Stables As a Business by Janet Macdonald The Complete Guide for Horse Business Success
by Janet E. English
The Official IRS Tax Guide to Auditing Horse Activities
Equinomics: The Secrets to Making Money with Your Horse Business
by Lanier Cordell
Careers with Horses: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job by Vicki Hogue-Davies Make Money With Horses
by Don Blazer
Business Management for the Equine Industry
by Sharon Eastwood
Horse Economics: A Personal Finance Guide for the Horse Owner
 by Catherine E. O'Brien
50 Careers With Horses: From Accountant to Wrangler
by Bonnie Kreitler
Horse Sense, Business Sense Vol. 1
by Shannon C. Knapp
Legal Forms, Contracts, and Advice for Horse Owners
by Sue Ellen Marder
Understanding Equine Business Basics
by Milton Toby
Business Planner & Bookkeeper for the Horse Enterprise
by by Marder, Flint & Winter
Choosing and Buying Your Horse by Mark Hallion & Julie Langrish
How to Make Money in the Tennessee Walking Horse Business
by Kevin C. Kennedy
The Horse Traders by Steven Crist
Running a Tack Shop As a Business by Janet W. Macdonald