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Postmark Delight and Maryann
Postmark Delight
This is Dutch Rising Sun # 20805300, a black filly by Postmark Delight out of Buster's Dutch Darling.
Foaled 07/29/2008. She has been sold to an owner in Japan.


Dutch Rising Sun

Postmark's Joy & Delight This is Postmark's Joy & Delight # 20805299, a bay filly by Postmark Delight, foaled 07/18/2008.  She has already been sold.
Postmarks Morgan TWHBEA No. 20705354 (Postmark Delight X Swampmans FireFly) - stallion - 06/25/2007

Mable's Little Liam # 20806162 at play! Colt born 2008 out of Marbled Mable
ALEN'S MUSTANG SALINA (p) filly by Postmark Delight out of Alen's Mustang Sallye, breeder Jos van Deijne. Presented at the 2007 Dutch Championship with her dam.

Winning the blue at 2007 Dutch Championship

THE DOUBLE DUTCH DELIGHT (p) - filly by Postmark Delight out of Pride's Dutch Treat -  breeder Yolanda van der Kruijssen. Presented at the 2007 Dutch Championship.


POSTMARK'S BUSSARETTE: She is out of Midnight Lunar, and she was born May 15, 2007.  A solid bay filly without a blemish.

Photo by Hypofocus Photography

Yearling Remi and Maryan - a goodbye picture - made 2007 by Hypofocus Photography

POSTMARK'S MAIN REMEDY:  Born Saturday 22nd of April: black filly by Postmark Delight out of Main's Free Spirit. We're completely happy with her!
P.D.'s Winged Black Maggy #20607958 - filly born 2006 out of A New Golden Time.
P.D.'s Winged Black Magic Woman.jpg
Twirre, born 2006, out of Heavens Gaits Aprilshower, now a gelding at home in Belgium (photo winter 2009)
Postmark's High Spirit - The gelding, at first called Little Postmark (out of TWH mare Old Time Revival), got his definitive name Postmark's High Spirit, and was registered with the Part Walking Horse Registry, even though he is a purebred. PWHR # 0011064.

The late Postmark's Julie, owned by Joanna Ploeger

The late Postmark's Julie, owned by Joanna Ploeger.  By Postmark Delight and Top Hand Nancy, she had an outstanding show record. Early in her show career, she was the International Reserve Champion in the Four and Under, Light Shod, 2 gait class. In addition to the many other blues Julie earned, she took third place in a large English Trail Pleasure Class at the TWH International.

Here's a pic of a four-years old TWH gelding, by Postmark Delight out of Old Time Revival. He's not registered TWHBEA and his dam is not blood-typed yet (she was sold to Slovenia). I don't know his name yet (for the time being: "Little Postmark") but the owner, a young lady from Geilenkirchen, Germany asked me for info and was very happy when I mailed her that she could still get him registered by paying the TWHBEA $430,- (or more)............ But still the dam has to be blood-typed!

Postmark Dark Shadow TWHBEA # 914368

Solid black breeding stallion standing in Evening Shade, Missouri. His owner states that Shadow's offspring consistently shows a solid four-beat walk. The owner of one of his daughters made the following testimony on this horse:
"Shadow is a very kind, gentle stallion who gaits beautifully and he passes his looks, temperament and gait on to his foals."