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Postmark's Joy & Delight

This is Postmark's Joy & Delight, a bay filly by Postmark Delight, out of Joys Little Lady, foaled 07/18/2008.  She has been sold.

In 2008, two foals were born at Little America, both sired by Markus (Postmark Delight). The surprise was that Lady (Joys Little Lady) delivered her foal before Linchen (Buster's Dutch Darling) did, even though Linchen was due to foal earlier than Lady.

Lady gave birth easily to her second foal, a beautiful and sturdy bay filly with a star and a snip. Like with Lady's first foal, the baby stood and suckled without any help, again Lady proved to be a good mother. Only was this foal born after quite a short pregnancy but pretty big compared to her first baby. All the more remarkable as Lady is not a very young mare, but she's just good as a broodmare.

Her filly was a real joy, both for Lady and us, playing around her dam, including going through underneath Lady! I knew her grandmother Joyful Rhythm, called Joy, and liked to call her Joy after this mare.
Joyful Rhythm was born in 1964 and she belonged to the group of three Tennessee Walking Horses, of which she was the oldest, that were the very first European import TWH's (to our knowledge). The others were both born in 1967, they were Syl-ver's Black Angel and Kings Delightful Lad. These two mares and one stallion came over together by plane, gentle enough to be transported so close to each other. We heard their story of the plane flight from the lady who accompanied them on their journey.

Anyway, of course Joyful Rhythm had a fantastic name, indicating that the horses gait has a rhythm to it bringing us joy..... Grandma Joy became a broodmare, she delivered several beautiful foals, Lady was her last one.

The filly's official name became a blend of sire and dam, Postmark's Joy & Delight, and almost too soon this beauty was sold to a loving home, in the Netherlands. Several times Joy was visited to get acquainted with her new people and we worked together on walking on the lead. When finally delivered at her new address, Joy was not left with strangers, but with them was introduced to her new company, Shetlander mares!

We wish her of course joy and delight, giving that to her people as well!

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