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1990 - 2008


Pride's Regal Delight
In the spring of 2007 we got the message that a horse we knew from the time that he was still a foal, was in need of a new home, and thus for sale. It was Pride's Regal Delight, called Tuck, and we remembered him as Pride's Nip & Tuck, the name at first given to him by his breeder, Ron Powell.
Sure we also remembered Ron, an American living in Germany for many years, as he introduced us to many fine Tennessee Walking Horses, including Tuck's sire Pride's Regal Boy and Tuck's dam Midnites Model Lady S. Together with Ron, who was mostly presenting his favorite Pride's Regal Boy, we showed TWH's to the public at many shows and fairs, including the Americana at Munich in Bavaria, back in 1988, where I rode my favorite Lad's Black Buster. Ron's mare Lady was also shown at many occasions and at a fine sunny day in Rhineland-Palatin, Ron invited several Tennessee Walking Horse fans to ride this mare. Here I want to share a few pictures of that day, showing Lady with different riders, among them Bärbel Ossowski, former owner of Joy's Little Lady, Ingrid Deubel, former owner of Buster's Dutch Darling, and me.

Shortly after this day when we had been riding Lady, there was a big show with several Tennessee Walkers participating during the Equitana fair in Essen, Germany. For gaited horses, the IGV (see our links list) prepared a catalogue which needed photographs representing each participating breed. We, the "oldies" in promoting TWH's in Europe, were asked to come with a picture of a TWH showing the breeds typical  gait. We selected a picture of Lady, with Helmut
 from Germany riding her, to grace the front cover of this first major IGV publication.   In those days, the IGV still worked under it's initial name: IGT - Internationale Interessengemeinschaft für töltende Pferde, which was later changed to IGV - Internationale Gangpferde Vereinigung (International Gaited Horse Association) as the first title didn't encompass gaited horses with another gait than tölt which is to be translated as rack. And, as we know, a flat walk and a running walk are absolutely different gaits than a rack.
Then, in 1990, Lady got her first foal, Pride's Nip & Tuck, a loudly colored middle grade sabino bay colt with lots of roaning. On another visit to Ron I took his baby picture, when Tuck was roaming around with people and horses, but not staying close to his dam as he was one of those foals who had to be bottle-raised. This naturally didn't give him the best possible start in life, and maybe he could have grown a bit bigger if he had been nursed by his dam, still he grew out to be a strong little fellow with amazingly sturdy joints in his legs and big, solid hoofs!
Pride's Regal Delight and Suzanne at the Dutch National Championships -
photos by Koen Gabriels Natuurfotografie
Needless to say, Henk and I hurried to Thüringen in Eastern Germany where Pride's Regal Delight was living, to fetch him home. Arriving there, we found him fully indulged in eating, but later he was shown outside and we were both impressed to see his extremely long strides. I also remembered to have seen him as an adult horse before, when he was shown at an IGV (see our links list) competition in Reken, Germany, ridden by a young girl and placing very well because of his splendid walk gait. Anyway, we took him all the way from Jena to Horst, he was quiet and well behaved on the long drive alone in the trailer, as he always was later on.

Here in the Netherlands, Pride's Regal Delight embarked on a little success story. We found another youth rider for him, Felicitas Band, who did a very good job with him at the 2007 Dutch TWH Championships! Not only did she become Dutch Youth Champion with Tuck, but the horse also got a prestigious title: Dutch Grand Champion 2007!

Prides Regal Delight - Dutch Grand Champion 2007

In spite of the very short preparatory time, Felicitas showed Tuck's natural ability to go a fantastic long striding square flatwalk and running walk as well as a slow and quite loose but correct canter. Pride's Regal Delight was shown unshod, whirling the sand with his big, hard quality hoofs!

We went back to his country of birth again to show Tuck at the 2007 TWHBEA European Championships at Alpenrod, Germany, this time with youth rider Suzanne Thomassen from Belgium. Again Tuck showed the audience what a proper long striding walk is, and he placed second in the well-filled English two-gait class. A job well done by the Suzanne & Tuck team and the first time for Suzanne to present a stallion!  Especially for Henk, who fell severely ill shortly after we fetched Tuck in Jena, it was a delight to celebrate the success of Pride's Regal Delight in competition.
As we knew about the fine qualities of both Tuck's sire Pride's Regal Boy (an European Champion in his own right) and dam Midnites Model Lady S, we wanted to have Pride's Regal Delight available at stud as a welcome addition to our string of stallions. After arriving in the Netherlands, Tuck proved himself to be fully worthy to be a breeding stallion.
Let's have a look at some of Tuck's ancestors, his pedigree boasts several World Grand Champions and other renowned studs.
Pride Of Midnight  In Action The most influential sire of the breed, Pride of Midnight H.F., appears once in his pedigree, as great-grandsire. As the great qualities of this stud are widely known, we need not elaborate about this further!
Another great-grandsire is Sir Winston S., a well known stud from Tennessee, commented as follows in advertising:  "Sir Winston S. has stood the test. His get compare favorably with the best. Sir Winston S., the sire of true Tennessee Walking Horses."
Articles in the Voice in 1974 and 1975 by Wanda Jowers comment on this stud as follows:
"No trip to Tennessee is complete without a visit to the home of Sir Winston S. This beautiful black stallion defies description, and his pictures don't do him justice. He has to be one of the most beautiful stallions the breed has ever produced, and is the culmination of every breeder's dream. He has a faultless pedigree and conformation to match, with a back just big enough for a saddle, a deep sloping shoulder and a beautiful head and ear mounted on a well proportioned neck. He has good bone structure and a nice disposition as well. The reason for his popularity in recent years is no secret - he sires winners - World Champions included. Next time you're in Lynchburg, stop and take a look at Sir Winston S., he's fantastic."
"Sir Winston S.......a study in royal breeding. Many good things have been said about him, but little emphasis has been placed on his fantastic pedigree, which is unsurpassed by any stallion standing today.
Sir Winston is a blending of two great bloodlines, Wilson's Allen and Merry Boy, and he is line bred to each. His sire Go Boy's Shadow is a double grandson of Merry Boy and a two time World Grand Champion. Shadow's sire was the world renowned Merry Go Boy, another two time World Grand Champion. Shadow's dam Merry Walker, was the only mare in the history of the breed that produced two World Grand Champions, the other being Rodgers Perfection. Sir Winston's dam Midnight Bessie was an outstanding show mare. She was a double granddaughter of Wilson's Allen, and a daughter of Midnight Sun, often referred to as "the greatest of the Tennessee Walking Horse sires".  He was also a two time World Grand Champion. Midnight Bessie's dam Harlin's Bess was a fine show mare. Seldom do you run across a pedigree like this. Few stallions can boast of six World Championships in the first two generations of their pedigree. Sir Winston is undoubtedly the finest breeding son of Go Boy's Shadow, who is by now the oldest living World Grand Champion." 
1945 and 1946 WGCh Midnight Sun Midnight Sun, mentioned here as "the greatest of the Tennessee Walking Horse sires", was indeed not without reason honored with a statue and a place on the cover of "The Echo of Hoofbeats", A History of the Tennessee Walking Horse, by Bob Womack. In the pedigree of Pride's Regal Delight we find him twice in the fourth generation, once as sire of Pride of Midnight H.F. In this studs extended pedigree we find Midnight Sun many times more, among this as sire of Sun-Dust 481968 (in the fourth generation on the pedigree), one of the most beautiful and well respected sons of Midnight Sun.
Apart from the already mentioned sire of Sir Winston S., Go Boy's Shadow, there is still another World Grand Champion in the fourth generation on the pedigree of Pride's Regal Delight, it's GLL's Carbon Copy.  As the qualities of World Grand Champions are widely known, we can refer to literature on the breed to read more about Go Boy's Shadow and GLL's Carbon Copy. Only, there's a poem made by Carbon Copy's last owner, Barbary Ann Pate, in memory of this stallion who lived to be 30 years old, which we want to copy here as it shows so nicely how this stud was adored:

- In memory -
GLL's Carbon Copy, 1960 - 1990
1964 World Grand Champion
Take your rest now, O great stallion,
     How nobly you have served your breed.
Your courage superior to the test
     A strikingly brilliant steed.
So many sons and daughters though
     You have come to be,
Bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh,
     A dynamic legacy.
Your blood now courses through their veins,
     Your intuition and traits passed on,
Of champion caliber in black or bay,
     What beauty to look upon.
Oh, Copy, you know, you were a legend
     in your own time,
Your talent and natural ability
     has truly blessed mankind.
Tho sadness presently grips this aching heart
     of mine,
I thank my God that you re-entered our lives
     For even a brief space of time.
                                     Barbara Ann Pate

Pride's Regal Delight is a royally bred bay sabino-roan Tennessee Walking Horse with enormous strides shown with a correct square flat walk and running walk and a fine slow canter. He's got correct conformation with very good bone structure and solid quality hoofs, and a head with small chiseled ears to match. He measures 1,48 cm at the withers. He's the 2007 Dutch Grand Champion. "Tuck" will pass on quality gait and conformation, as well as a fine disposition. Foaled 05-05-1990.

photo by Koen Gabriels Natuurfotografie

**With great regret we have to tell that Tuck is no longer with us. He was being prepared for the 2008 European Championships at Steinhagen, Germany, by Felicitas Band, when he fell ill. It turned out to be a terminal condition and despite the treatment, we had no other choice than to have him euthanized. Surrounded by his people, Tuck was put to sleep.

We still miss him - he was a brave and gentle little stallion!**