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If we start now, and get the cooperation of all the owners and breeders, it might still be possible to make a pictorial list of ALL the Tennessee Walking Horses who live or have lived in Europe.  Some of the horses on this list will already appear on our European TWH Stallion List, and some will already be dead, but if a Tennessee Walking Horse was born in or imported to the European Union, and registered with the TWHBEA, it should be on this list.  

Special thanks to professional photographers: Christiane Slawik Hypofocus Photography Danuta Freiherr Walkers West; David Pruett; Jack Greene:  US breeders - Gait Keeper Stable; Ray Corum Stables; Thunder Valley Walkers; and the many good people here in Europe, who have sent in these photos.  Without your participation, this project would not be possible.

For submitting pictures, our stallion, Postmark Delight
 is saying "thank you!"  Photo by
Hypofocus Photography

For your convenience, here is a text list of the names. 
Click on the horse's name to take you to the page
with it's photo and information details.
A Beautiful Knight
A Dangerous Dame
A Jazz Impression
A New Golden Time
A Red Morning Sun
A Reflection Of Elegance
A Snow Breeze
A Tin Soldier
A Wild Thing
Alabama Buckless
Alabama June Flower
Alaska's Blue Artax
Alen's Mustang Salina
Alen's Mustang Sallye
Alen's Mustang Sorento
Alen's Mustang Sunny
Allen's May Dream
Allen's Stormin Norman
Angel Lucy Sue
Angel's Blue Velvet
Annie's Okie Boy
Ann's Black Power Star
Another Mary Rose
Apache's Duster
Ares Pride Of Color
Arm And Hammer
Awesome Sunlight
Awesome's First Lady
Ayleens Shade
B. Widows Prettyboy Floyd
Baby, I Love Your Way
Back To Black
Bailey's Moonlight
Bailey's Princess Ronja
Baron's Lady Anne
Bavarian Patches Pride
Bavarian's Magic Rooster
Beam Of Genius Pride
Beam's Bourbon R.R.
Beam's Playboy
Beaty Hill's Wonder
Beauty Hills Gentleman
Beauty's Golden Rose
Beech Blue Spirit
Ben's Walking Horse
Beverly Jane
Bionic's Sweet Alice
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy's Magic Bobbie
Billy's Red Flower
Black Angel's Harmony
Black Boy Scout
Black Delivery
Black Lady's Comet
Black Power's Bucks-Boy
Black Shadow Lad
Black Walking Lady
Blackwidow's Blue Blossom
Blackwidow's Blue Venom
Blacky Double Montana's
Blacky's Golden Lady
Blue Bruce
Blue Moons Cinderella
Blue Eye's Angel
Blue In Motion
Blue Silver Cloud
Blue's Baby Jane
Blue's Crazy Sue
Blue's Curley Sue
Blue's My Fair Lady
Blue's Sammy Deluxe
Blue's Speed King
Bobbys Butch Cassidy
Bonds Midnight Magic
Boomtown's Lucky Strike
Brandie Dakota
Brandie's Holy Pride
Brandy's Amy Caramella
Brandy's Black Olive
Brandy's Just The Best
Brandy's Jai (aka Luckywalker's Ramba Zamba)
Brandy's Lucky Spot
Brandy's Miss Lunar
Brandy's Princess Lea
Brandy's Proud Victor
Brandy's Red Elegance
Brandy's Shanti 112
Brandy's Snowflake
Bred By Design
Bridestone Scottish Storm
Bridge's Spoted Angel
Bring Out The Champagne
Brown Boy In The Wind
Brown Boy's Butterfly
Brown Boy's Sensation
Bubbling Spirit
Bullet's Early Frost
Bullet's Fancy Misfit
Bullet's Red Cloud
Bullet's Red Marry
Bullet's Secret Affair
Bum's Sapphire Angel
Buster's Dutch Darling
Buster's Fair Leroy
Buster's Golden Shirley
Buster's Moonshine Tango
Buster's Sunny Skies
Busy Man
Butterfly's Indian Summer
Call Me Blue Star
Call Me Monty's Moon Girl
Can-Am's Deva
Can-Am's Dreamer
Can-Am's Honor & Respect
Can-Am's Request
Candy's Beautiful Iliano
Candy's Golden Tashia
Candy's Misty Moonbeam
Candy's T-Shoona
Caprice Spirit Of Whitsun
Captain's Touch Of Class
Carrie Bradshaw
Caruso Benedictus' F88's
Casey's Joker
Cash's Poison
Cassiopia's Kalistos
Cecilia's Silver Boy
Champagne Goes Chocolat
Champagne Sunday
Champagnes Floyd
Chance's Lady Ann Allen T
Chances Song of Jake
Charlene Jada
Cherish The Dream
Chip's Black Satin Doll
Chipsy's Day News
Chisco Austria 1
Chisco's Boy
Chivas Delight
Chrom's Punkin-butt
Chrystal's Dark Rose
Cindi's Rain Of Cash
Cindy's Right Eye
Classy Golden Girl
Classy's Cassiopia
Cloudchaser's Dice
Cloudchaser's Hilly-Billy
Cloudchaser's Mr. Sugar
Clutchin the Dollar
Coin's Rising Star
Cold Ice's Lady
Colonel Sanders
Colour's Ginger
Colt's Pretty Girl
Conner Macleod Of Dusk
Copy's Champagne Muffin
Counselor's Gypsy
Cowboy's Windwalker
Crackerjack's Sisco
Custom Cruzin Time
Daddy Long Legs Sunny
Daddy's Angel Eyes
Daffodil In Shining
Dark Dashing Midnight
Dark Sun Of Pride
Dash Of Ginger
Dashalong Geraldine
Dashing Black Jack Davy
Dashing Go Girl
Dashing Good Guy
Dashing Moonlight Shadow
Dashing Songbird
Dashing Sugarrose
Dashing Wuzzylizzy
Dave's Last Dollar
Daydreamer's Tango
Delight Filly Ours
Delight Is Gypsy's Pride
Delight Of May
Delight Of Memory's
Delight's Cheeky
Delights Miss Gipsy
Desert Fox
Design's Kentucky Thunder
Deubel's Dashing Goblin
Devas Black Dust
DKF's First Blue European
DKF's Mark My Way
DKF's Poison Kiss
DKF's Sweet Edition
Diamond's Storm Rebel
Dixie Of Wheel
Dixie's Proud Annie
Doing Right
Dollars Fashion Josy
Dollar's Painted Takara
Doll's Spot of Beauty
Dora's Dolly
Double Delight Of Pride
Double Delights Tessa
Dreamcatcher's Caramel
Dreamer's Midnight Lady
Duskys Marvelous Gogogirl
Dusky's Sweet Mabelline
Dutch Rising Sun
Dynamic Design
Early Arival
Ebony's English Blue
Ebony's English Rose
Ebony's Free Harmony
Ebony's Lady Ladonna
Ebony's Lucky Shot
Eb's Time Around Lady
Elite Dream Joker
ET's Fashion Conscious
Excalibur Mystery
F 88's Night Tracker
F88's Rambling Rose
Fantastic Mr. Boombastic
Fashion Blk. Crystal
Fashion's Primrose
Favorite's Ginger
Favorite's Reward
Favorite's Southern Grace
Favorits' Haze Angel
Feeling Free & Easy
Finale's Whatever
Finally Good
Final's Die Hard
Firewalkers Equitanablues
First Dutch Tristan
Flame's Troublemaker
Flash N Shake
Flashey's Rocketman
Flashin' Dollar
Flavora's High Spirit
Flaxen Boy
Flowing Dream
Flowing Gold Dust
Flowing Request
Flying Fox
Foutch's Sterling Lady
Foxfire Love
Friendly Memory Of UK
G.F. Genius' Galaxy
G.F. Melodys Harmony
Gangsta Gangsta
Generators Gold Spark
Generators Sintanie
Generator's Sweet Candy
Generator's Volunteer
Genius's Gipsy
Genius's Red Fire
Geno's Girl
Genoveva's King
Gen's Little But Loud
Gen's Midnight Express
Gen's Red Jocker
Gens Rhythm N Ruffles
Gen's Sweet Promise
Georgia Go Dashing
Getcha Good
Ginger's Rising Star
Girls Blue's Sunshine
Glory's Golden Dusk
Glory's Red Remember
Go Boy's Bless Delight
Go Boy's Sandi Bee
Gold Dashing Velvet
Gold Labeled Jazz
Golden Angel Delight
Golden Brown Bandit
Golden Dawn Of Pride
Golden First Son
Golden Flower Power
Golden Spirit Secret
Golden Tiffany
Goldstrike's Shadow
Good Faith
Grant's Merrie Midnight
Gun's Ebony Lady
Gunsmoke Joe
Gypsi Of Beauty Hill
Gypsy's Flash N Shake
Gypsy's Little Bit
Gypsy's Pride Of Shadow
Gypsy's Rock & Roll Girl
Gypsy's Pride Of Shadow
Gypsy's Rock & Roll Girl
H.B.'s Blue Tamy
H.B.'s Exotic BL.-97
H.B.'s Exotic RN 98
H.B.'s Meg CH.-97
Hals Champagne Lady
Headed For The Top
Headed Jack's Way
Heavens Gaits Aprilshower
Heavens Gaits Grace
Heavens Gaits Jazzie
Heavens Gaits Late Jake
Heavens Gaits Red Henry
Heavens Gaits Roxxana
Henry Joe Cotton
High Headed Sally
His Masters Voice
Holy's Sunny Of Power
Honor's Geronimo
Honor's Only Delight
Honor's Victory
Hyland Champagne
I Am Jimmy
I Believe I Believe
Icy Hot Tonite
Iliano's Lucky Anabelle
I'm A Princess
I'm Gold And Dangerous
I'm Meg Ryan
I'm Mister Champagne
I'm Naughty By Nature
Imagine Love
In The Sky Of Dusk
Jack's Summernight Affair
Jamie Blue Boy
Jenny Walker
Jenny's Last Dream
Jesse James Of Dusk
Jewels Joker
Jim Knopf
Jimmy Gray
Joann's Pride And Joy
Johnny's Sue
Jolene After Midnight
Jolly Walker
Jolly's Sundancer
Joy Generating Annie
Joy Of Freedom
Joyful Rhythm
Joy's Candy
Joy's Little Lady
Joy's Moonbeam
Joy's Morning Star
Joy's Red Jolly
Joy's Sunday Delight
Joy's White
Jubilee Swinging Star
Judith's Pride
Judies Endurance Dream
Julia's Patches Pride
Jump For Joy
June's Lady Haze
Jus' Ladys 1st Generation
Jus' Remember Me Too!
Just A Penny
Just Catch Me If You Can
Justy's Final Edition
Kelly Ann's Threat
King's Black Butterfly
Kings Black Daughter
King's Cheyenne
Kings Delightful Lad
King's Essex
King's Red Daughter
KK Biscaya's Hurricane
KK Biskaya's Ladykiller
KK Biscaya's Turbo
KK Song Of Biscaya
Labeled in Gold
Label's Red Molly
Labeled's Smoky Pride
Lacey's English Star
Lacey's Star Shaker
Lacy Lady
Lacy Masterpiece
Ladonna's Lady May
Lad's Black Buster
Lad's Fanny
Lad's Golda
Lady Ann's Grisette
Lady Jay Walker
Lady Of Sunshine
Last Chance For Gold
Last Chance To Tango
Lazy Lady Bunny
LBB's Winged Block Buster
Legend of Avalon
Lena Breeze
Leroy's Midnight Victor
Liberationday Surprise
Lightfoots Madonna
Lightning Hope Of Ulla
Lilly Marleen
Lindi's Hope
Little Lady's Treasure
Lizzy's Crackerjack
Lonely Smoky Sky
Lotina's Chief Joseph
Lotina's Surprise
Love's Divine
Loyal Label
Lucia Bavarians Pride
Lucky At Love
Lucky Moonlight Dancer
Lucky's Rain Fairy
Lucky's Red Wing
Luckywalker's Black Magic
Luckywalker's Ramba Zamba
Luckywalker's Wild Rose
Lullaby Tonite
Luna'r Girl
Lutek of Crackerjack
Lutek's Spirit Walker
Lutek's Strolling Jim
Mabelline My Golden Dream
Mable's Capriano
Mable's Dark Eltchi
Mables' Little Liam
Macks Rally Sport
Made With Pride
Madonnas Blue Diamond GT
Magic Cool Man
Magic Dashing Ganja
Magic Moon
Magic's Beautiful Colors
Magic's Black Merlin
Magic's Melody NR One
Mahogany Madonna
Main's Free Spirit
Marbled Mable
Mark Maggie T.
Mark Me A Threat
Mark's June Girl
Mark's Rhoda Bell
Marys Gold Scotty
May Dancer
May We Maybe Touch
May's April Showers
Melissa's English Pride
Melody Of Dollar
Melody's Carpe Diem
Memory Of Crackerjack
Merlin's Magick Spell
Merry Maid Of Honor
Merry Man's Mistery
Merry Roggli
Merry's Little Amy
Midnight Action
Midnight Color Flash
Midnight Dealer
Midnight Lunar
Midnight's Ghostbuster
Midnites Model Lady S.
Mikey Star Of Vienna
Miss Daisys Black Delight
Miss Heavenly Sunshine
Miss Lightning Of July
Miss Main Delight
Miss Midnight Maggy
Miss Perfect Glory
Miss Shadow Of F-88
Misty's Pride and Joy
Mollie's Beautiful Dream
Money Mike
Montana's Fire Fly Rose
Monty's Proud Antje Go Go
Mr. Charlie Brown
Mr. Charly Son Of Pride
Mr. Dangerous
Mr. Ebony's Symphony
Mr. Sugar's Little Offer
Ms Doubtfire
My Angels Pride And Joy
My Double Delight
My First Pride Of Austria
My Girl Pearl
My Lilly Rose Abigail
My Obsession
My Only One
My Sweet Lady Jane
Myo's Magical Dancer
Nash Is A Black Beauty
Night Time Colors
Nighthawks Party Doll
Nite Storm's Jewel
Nite Storm's Masterpiece
Nite Storm's Merry Rhythm
Nite Storm's Rica
Nite Storm's Snowflake
Nite Storm's Traveller
No Angel Of Spotted Bead
Norman's Luna
Norman's Merry Cristine
Norman's Red Banner
Norman's Spotted Allen
Norman's Sunflower
Norman's Touch Of Class
Norman's Wonder Boy
Normen's Emergency Light
Obsessed With Silver
Old Time Revival
Ole Blue's Dora
Ole Blue's Golden Sundust
Ole Blue's Sawdust
Ole' Champo
Oliver's Crackerjack
Oliver's Little Sadie
One Taff Coconut
One Taff Hazelnut
Orion's Celestial Gait
Orion's Diamond Dust
Orions Diamond Star
Orions Divine Sign
Orions Marrydith Pride
Orions Marvelous Gait
Orion's Mc Cloud
Orions Midnight Sun
Orions Pretty Pride
Orions Pride Of High Noon
Ostella Bay Rose
Ostella Mabel Ann
Ostella's Shy Babe
Our Pride Of Legend
P.D.'s Winged Black Maggy
P.D.'s Winged Black Velvet
Painted Elegance
Painted Spirit
Paints Majic Beaux
Paints Pinuu
Party's Forest Hawk
Party's Magic Carpet
Pascal Of Easternight
Patche's Cloud Walker
Pauncho Barnes
Peddlers Love Boat
Perfectfully Delightful
Pleasure's Delilah
Pleasure's Dreamcatcher
Pleasure's Eternal Flame
Pleasure's Ez Fascination
Pleasure's Favorite Oreo
Pleasure's Flamin Sambuca
Pleasure's Foreign Affair
Pleasure's Ltd. Edition
Pleasures Made Of Honor
Pleasure's Mary Belle
Pleasure's Melo-D
Pleasure's Mr. Bocephus
Pleasure's Mr. Sunshine
Pleasure's Pot O' Gold
Pleasure's Sakara
Pleasure's Strolling Bud
Pleasure's Walkin Blues
Pleasure's Walkin' Jazz
Pleasure's Walkin' Rock
Popeyed Label
Postmark Delight
Postmark's Bay Bussarette
Postmark's Joy & Delight
Postmark's Morgan
Powers Go Boy Red Buster
Pride Cold Ice
Pride' No. Three
Pride of '76
Pride of Brenda
Pride of German
Pride of Winter
Pride's Dancing Queen
Pride's Delight Firefly
Pride's Dixie Ann
Pride's Dutch Dixie
Pride's Dutch Doolittle
Prides Dutch Treat
Pride's End Of Bad News
Pride's Endless Joy
Pride's Fast Sunbeam
Prides Funny Gipsy
Pride's Germ Merry Go Boy
Pride's Gold Gypsy Boy
Pride's Golden Comet
Pride's Golden Niki
Pride's Golden Starlight
Prides Happy Fencelove GT
Pride's  Joy Of Life
Pride's Last Second
Pride's Leonie
Pride's Lightning Spirit
Pride's Little Red Man
Pride's Little Suntime
Pride's Love Of Freedom
Pride's Lucky Sunrise
Pride's Magic Son
Pride's Midnight Goldust
Pride's Miss Renegade
Pride's Moon Made Maria
Pride's Morning Sunrise
Prides Ms. Confection
Prides My Paw
Prides Night Light
Pride's Nightfire
Pride's Northern Dancer
Prides Priority
Pride's Red Flash
Pride's Red Indio
Pride's Red Moon Man
Pride's Red Samuel
Pride's Red Stormwind
Pride's Red Sundown
Pride's Red Wind Walker
Pride's Regal Boy
Pride's Regal Delight
Pride's Samanga
Pride's Sienna Dream
Pride's Sister Of Love
Pride's Song Of India
Pride's Spotted Bandit
Pride's Spotted Beth
Pride's Spotted Rusty
Prides Star Carbon
Prides Storm Cloud
Pride's Sun In Motion
Pride's Sundrop Drop
Pride's Sunwind Walker
Pride's Sweet Quicksilver
Pride's Sweet Secret
Pride's Traum Boy
Prides Ultra R.S.
Prime Time Cotton
Princess Babe
Princess Bomb
Princess Cinderella
Princess Of Rock & Roll
Princess Rebel
Pritty Little Lady
Promises Of Black Magic
Promises Of Life
Promises Of Sundance
Promises Promises
Pusher's Bold Nell
Pusher's Delight Gentle Jo
Pusher's Litle Dancers
Pusher's Little Gipsy
Pusher's Little Jordan
Pusher's Painted Scout
Pusher's Royal Flash GT
Pushers Short Romance
Pusher's Silver Symbol GT
Pusher's Strassen Kind
Pusher's Sunny Boy
Pushette's Rising Star
Pushette's Silver Boy
Pushin Friendly Promises
Pushing Midnights Shade
Pushin's Ardjuna
Pushin's Blue Dancer
Pushin's Dark Moon
Pushin's Ever Mind
Pushin's Golden Dawn
Pushin's Herzbube
Pushin's Imagin The Sun
Pushin's Love Cristal
Pushin's Lovely Emotion
Pushin's Midnight Power
Pushin's Newcomer
Pushin's Sun In Freedom
Pushin's Thunder Flash
R-2 D-2
Rainbow's Midnight Angel
Rambling Gay Melody
Razz's Butterscotch
Red Bud's Last Lady
Red Buttler
Red Robin
Redward's Indira
Regina's Rachael
Rembrant's Beautiful Color
Rembrant's River Annie
Renegades Johnny Walker
Reward's Beautiful Girl
Reward's Prince
Rhinestone's Reflection
Rhythm's Flying Jonathan
Rising Morning Sun
Robin Hood Of Lielerwood
Robin The Dollar
Rock & Roll Cecilia
Rock & Roll Sunny Boy
Rockin' Rooster's Hurricane
Rock's Sassy Flashy
Roderick Boothills Wine
Roggli's Sally
Rogue's Desert Star
Romancing The Stone
Rooster Cloud Walker
Rooster's Beautiful Filly
Roosters Lady Rose GT
Rooster's Midnight Dancer
Roosters Spotted Angel
Roosters Storm Cloud
Rooster's Sweet Lady
Rosa Luxemburg
Royal Ivory's Jenster
Royal's Out Of The Blue
Royal's Rolls Royce
Ruler's Rockin Robyn
Sage's Morning Mist
Sam's Exotic Gypsy King
Sam's Premium Signature
Sam's Royal Signature
Samuel Paul Jackson
San See Arei
Sancho Son Of Bailey
Sassy's English Bonnie
Save My Joy
Scarlet Bill's Shadow
Schend's Black Boy
Schrimsher's Pride & Joy
Secret's Magic
Sensation Of Summer Wind
Sensational Day News
September Sunbeam
Shadow's Miss Midnite
Shady Grady
Shake That
She's A Pleaser
She's Bitter Sweet
She's No Fox
Shiloh's Sunset Gal
Shining Dust
Shivago's Class Act
Shocker's Sweetheart
Shylock's Champion
Silver Blade
Sizzle Frizzle
Skylines Altair
Skylines Dark Storm
Skylines Doubleday
Skyline's Kochab
Smokin' Colt 45
Snow Waltzing Mathilda
Solitude's Premium
Soppestiegs' Shanaia
Sparkling Boy
Spicy Hot
Spirit Of Labeled In Gold
Spirit's Final Edition
Spirit's Midnight Lily
Spirit's Moonlight Star
Spirit's Perfect Joy
Spirit's Stormy Threat
Spirit's Sweet Threat
Spot's Southern Bell
Spotted Bead Of Norman
Spotted Day News
Spotted Genius Of Pride
Spotted's First Boy
Spur's Morning Star
Star's Bay Markette
Star's Carbon Angel
Star's Midnite Sparkle
Steffi's Sherif
Sterling's Dusty Rose
Sterling's Magic Dream
Stop Foolin'
Stop's April Fool
Storm Cloud's Elegance
Stormy Bride
Stormy Ebony Lady
Stormy's Rookie Star
Successful Signature
Summer Night Of Smooching
Sunny's Golden Lady
Sunspirit Leuviah
Supermans First Lady
Supermans Little Bonny
Supermans Smoky Lady
Suyin's Sweet Elroy
Swampman's Firefly
Swampman's Whisper
Sweet Escape
Sweet Froggy From Dusk
Sweet  Talking Threat
Syl-ver's Black Angel
Sylver's Sunshine Angel
Symbol's Summer Wind
T T Dashalong Shadow
Taffy's Delight Of Pride
Taffy's May-Rose
Taffy's Queen
Taffy's Reward
Tango's Apollo
Tango's Kaleidoscope
The Best Of
The Dashing Geronimo
The Double Dutch Delight
The Gold Rose
The Legend Goes On
The Legends Future Vision
The Little Gremlin
The Masked Power
The Mr. Sandman
The New Sensation
The Pusher's Romeo GT
The Sixth Sense
The Untold Story
The White Shamir
They Called Me Chasey
They Called Me Nobody
This Is Bailey's Chance
Threat's Baby Jo
Threat's Bel-Aire
Threats Diamond Rose
Threat's Gold Dealer
Threat's Sweet Connection
Timestoppers White Cloud
Todd's Hillybilly Hub
Tonto Rodriguez
Tonya's Bold Scat
Tonya's Red Butler
Too Daring
Troubles Call For Color
Troubles Hot News
Trouble's Sweet Gigi
Tsuniahs Deepdeep Trouble
Tsuniah's H.B.
TT Pretty Gitana
Ultimate Delight's Lady
Ultra Daydreamer
Ultra's Sweet Masterpiece
Validator's Pride
Velvet's Sunshine
Venom's Persuader
Victory's Amethyst
Walk Johnnie Walker Walk
Welsh Delight Royal
Westport CT
What The
Whatever You Think
Whips April Delight
Whip's Winter Wing
Whitney For President
Whooz Pushin
Willow's Rosebud
Winchester Love Affair
Windwalker's Backdraft
Wolfmans First Dutch Lady
World Of Dreams
Wuzzy-Lizzy's Black Power
Wuzzy-Lizzy's Moon Breaker
Wuzzy's Winning Ways
Yahoo's Beautiful Joyce
Yahoo's Bella Donna
Yahoo's Black Betty
Yahoo's Coffee To Go
Yahoo's Magic Masterpiece
Yahoo's Outlook
Yahoo's Real Deal
Yahoo's Travelin Through
Yankee's Spirit
Zula's Lynnie Poo

Some names on this list are missing photos.  If you have a missing photo, or if you know of a horse that is missing, please email the name, TWHBEA registration number and a photo to "The Big List".   Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Let's demonstrate to the rest of the Walking Horse industry that Europe really DOES have the spirit of co-operation necessary to successfully promote the breed in this part of the world!!

Last Updated: May 25, 2010