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Below is page 2 of our photo album - more miscellaneous photos of horses and animals we have owned, bred or just known.  Enjoy!

Alen's Mustang Sorento, a foal by Lad's Black Buster and mare Sallye,
with breeder Jos and his girlfriend - at the Dutch championships
Henk and TWH mare Wolfmans First Dutch Lady, by Got Rox Wolf Man by Marshall Dillon in the Netherlands. Wolfmans First Dutch Lady is owned bij Jos Van Deijne. Her dam Alen's Mustang Sallye is also owned by Jos.

Alen's Mustang Sallye, by Spotted Alen Again, with her 2004 filly. This mare is like a walking machine, like thunder she goes!

Tennessee Walking Horse stallion in Russia. He's a son of Marshall Dillon.

Buster's Yellow Fellow, gelding by Lad's Black Buster out of gaited German Trotter, he knows how to get your attention!
Aimy is a filly born 2004 by Leroy out of Pearl.  Pearl is by Lad's Black Buster out of gaited Trotter, so half-sister x half-brother combination - she got a silver medal at the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch show.
Furry's Black Folly exhibiting a rack

Furry's Black Folly, exhibiting a rack. This is a 2004 filly by Lad's Black Buster out of Arab mare - showing gait! Breeder has another Arab/TWH cross with sire Buster's Fair Leroy - wants to use them for long-distance rides with - hopefully - a good 4-beat gait as well as stamina.