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Henk with two palomino's at Wing Walker Farm - A New Golden Time and Buster's Yellow Fellow, a partbred TWH by Lad's Black Buster, out of a German Trotter mare.

Below is a list of European Tennessee Walking Horse breeders (as far as is known).  If you know of a European breeder who is not listed, please drop us a line and let us know.

Pleasure Gaits Tennessee Walking Horses
Beechwalkers Farm
Tanja Andersen
Beauty Hill Ranch
Downunder Stables
Good Fellow Walking Horses
Heavens Gait Tennessee Walking Horses
Josef's Walkaway Farm
Lehra Family
Little Creek Ranch
Luckywalker Stables
Naturhaus Alte Hainsmühle
Reit- und Freizeithof am Bärenfels
Stable Orion
Sunshine Ranch
Wind Walker Farm
Wing Walker Farm
Zucht- und Hengststation Kölsch
Blue Grass Walkers
J. van Deijne Stables
Little America
DKF Farm
SAM's Heaven Ranch
J&M Walkers (England)
Maryan Zyderveld presenting Pride's Dutch Dixie and Joy's Little Lady at Loenen
Photo of the "Gaited Horse Day" organized by the NVVR, "Nederlandse Vereniging
voor Vrijetijds Ruiters", that is to say the Dutch Pleasure Horse Riders Society.
The place was Loenen, province Gelderland, at the 21st of May 2006.
All four Tennessee Walkers present at this day can be seen on the picture,
in the foreground Pride's Dutch Dixie and Joy's Little Lady with Maryan Zyderveld,
ready to give appointed visitors a ride on a Tennessee Walker.