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Do the Dutch love their Tennessee Walking Horses?  You betcha!
LITTLE AMERICA is your European source for
naturally gaited, sweet-tempered Tennessee Walking Horses,
with World Champion bloodlines, and very old genes.

Standing Tennessee Walking Horse stallions

Selling flat shod saddle horses, weanlings and breeding stock.

Try the 'Dutch Touch' in Tennessee Walkers.
Overseas transport can be arranged.

Among the photographs used on this site, several are the work of professional photographers. I want to refer especially to: Bert Bosch, Netherlands; Koen Gabriels Natuurfotografie, Belgium; Lothar Lenz, Germany; Lode Greven, Netherlands; and Iman Heystek, Netherlands. I want to thank them again for their work and for letting me use it.

Anyone wanting to be mentioned here as photographer or claiming copyrights is politely requested to address me directly by mail: