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Tennessee Walking Horse stallion, Inspired by Art
TWHBEA #20413870 Foaled: 5/12/2004
(Pusher’s Fine Art x Cherries Jubilee)
Gender:  stallion Height: 17 hands
Color:  black Markings: few hairs in forehead.

Little America is delighted to be able to offer frozen semen from the exquisite and natural Tennessee Walking Horse stallion, Inspired by Art from Tennessee to European breeders.

 Do have a look and let "Miguel" convince you by his superb con-formation, 100% natural gaits and fine ancestry.

Inspired by Art at the 2008 Tarheel Classic - his first show.
 Inspired by Art winning the 2008 Tarheel Classic Reserve
Grand Champion Plantation Pleasure 3 Gait Class
North Carolina

Inspired by Art is 17 hands tall, which in European measures, is 1,73 meter at the withers. He has outstanding conformation, with a beautiful neck and head. He has an unbelievable back end, with tremendous over-stride, and an equally impressive front end. This young stallion is the complete package. He has a very sweet disposition and is very smart.

Inspired by Art

Inspired by Art will stand at an
introductory fee for Europe of € 1000
(plus shipping and handling).

USDA approved frozen semen will be exported to Europe and handled by the Dutch Semen Station Holstud, see You're welcome to make further inquiries, please contact Little America by phone, by email or by surface mail, using English, Dutch, German or French.

Mail address:
Postbus 6055,
NL-5960 AB Horst
Phone: 0031-77-3665306 or mobile 0031-659078991

Inspired by Art
Click HERE for an illustrated, 14 generation pedigree analysis.
Don't be mislead by the number of World Grand Champions in his pedigree - - Inspired By Art's genetic pool is 24.44% Roan Allen F-38.

An examination of Inspired By Art's Extended Pedigree reveals that the amount of genetic input from Roan Allen F-38 is greater than that of a grandsire; and that the degree of Midnight Sun blood is equivalent to that of a grandsire; and the percentage of Wilson's Allen, Merry Boy, and Pride Of Midnight HF is greater than that of a great-grandsire.  The percentages of old walking bloodlines are as follows:

24.44 % Roan Allen F-38
23.44 % Midnight Sun
14.46 % Wilson's Allen
13.97 % Merry Boy
12.5 % Pride Of Midnight HF
9.38 % Sun's Delight D.
4.99 % Giovanni
4.97 % Hunter's Allen F-10
0 % Ebony Masterpiece

Fine Art

The Pusher CG Drug Dealer Sun's Gunsmoke
Knight Lady
Go Boy's Blue Gal M. Go Boy's Flying Cloud
Meeks Blue Gal
Magic Robbie Lee Magic Bum Delight Bumin Around
Magic's Fame D.
Pride's Pretty Baby Pride of Midnight HF
Shadow's Lady B.

Cherries Jubilee

Pride's Jubilee Star Pride of Midnight HF Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley
Sun's Star O. Sun's Dark Beam
Lady Sherisse
Bum's First Lady Delight Bumin Around Sun's Delight D.
Impalas Shadowette
Miss Merry Kay D. Piddleys Play Boy D.
Merry Queen Kay
Ancestor photos are provided courtesy of The Ancestor Gallery of Walkers West
Pushers Fine Art 1981 WGCh The Pusher Drug Dealer Suns Gunsmoke Go Boys Flying Cloud
Pride Of Midnight Action 1945 and 1946 WGCh Midnight Sun Pride Of Stanley Magic Bum 1973 WGCh Delight Bumin Around
Cherries Jubilee 1986 WGCh Prides Jubilee Star Suns Dark Beam 1963 WGCh Suns Delight D Impalas Shadowette
Magic Inspired By Art MAGIC INSPIRED