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Breeder's Guide
to Mare, Foal and Stallion Care
by Christina S. Cable
Understanding Breeding Management
by C.M. Schweizer
Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding
J. M. Giffin &
K.  Darling
Equine Reproduction
by Angus McKinnon & J. Voss
Horse Breeding
by Peter Rossdale
Modern Horse Breeding:
A Guide for Owners
by S. McBane
Horse Breedingby Peter Rossdale Breeding the Competition Horse
by John Rose
Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse
by W.Edward Allen
The Horse: Breeding and Youngstock
by Julie Brega
Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management
by Mina C. G. Davies Morel
Horse Breeding: A Practical Guide for Owners by Tony Pavord & Marcy Drummond
Horse Breeding and Stud Management by Henry Wynmalen
An Illustrated International Encyclopaedia of Horse Breeds and Breeding by Jane Kidd
Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding by James R. Griffin
Horse Colour Explained:
A Breeder's Perspective
by Jeanette Gower
Horse Genetics by Ann T. Bowling Equine Color Genetics
by D.Phillip Sponenberg
The Genetics of the Horse
by Ann T. Bowling
Horse Color
by D. Phillip Sponenberg
Conservation Genetics of Endangered Horse Breeds
by Imre Bodo
The X Factor What It is & How to Find It
by Marianna Haun
Equine Color Genetics
by D. Phillip Sponenberg
Equine Genetics and Selection Procedures
by Equine Research Inc. Research
Genetics and Horse Breeding by William E. Jones
Genome Mapping in the Horse by Gabriella Lindgren
Like Father, Like Son?: Heredity and Horse Breeding by Kay S. Pine
Genetics for Horse Breeders by Anna Hodson
Equine Genetics & Selection Procedures by Don W. Wagoner
The Basics Of Color Inheritance In The Equine by Trudy Bruinsma
Equine Reproduction and Genetics by Robert C Kline
Understanding the Stallion
by E.L. Squires
The Stallion
Stallions: Their Management and Handling
by Neil Dougall
by Kevin Conley
Legal Aspects Of Stallion Management And Syndication by Laura A D'Anglo
Stallion Syndication: An Apprasial by Frank Talmadge Phelps
Feed, Care, And Management Of Breeding Stallions,
Brood Mares, Work Horses And Foals
by Fredrick C Minkler
Procedures For Preparation, Collection, Evaluation,
And Insemination Of Stallion Semen
by B. W Pickett
Diseases and Management of Breeding Stallions by Dickson D. Varner
Dr. Rea's Stallion Service Book and Veterinary Manual by M.D. Chas. L. Rea
Selection And Promotion Of The Breeding Stallion by Steven Gary Jennings
Practical Stud Management by John Rose
Managing The Breeding Stallion
Stud Manager's Handbook by Frank H Baker
Your First Foal: Horse Breeding for Beginners
by Karin Kattwinkel
Complete Book
of Foaling
by Karen E.N. Hayes
From Foal to Full-grown
by Janet Lorch
Are The Foals
by M. Phyllis Lose
Your Foal
by Renate Ettl
Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal by Robert M. Miller The Foaling Primer: A Month-by-Month Guide to Raising a Healthy Foal
by Cynthia McFarland
Breed for Success: The Horseman's Guide to Producing Healthy Foals
by Rene E Riley
First Foal
by Jane Van Lennep
The Foal Is the Goal: A Practical Guide to Horse Breeding
by Tena Bastian
See How They Grow: Foal
by Mary Ling
Breeding Management and Foal Development Foal to First Ridden
by Vanessa Britton
From Foal
to Full-Grown
by Janet Lorch
the Foal
by Christina S. Cable
Foal To Five Years by Ann Hyland Spirit Blending Foals Before and After Birth: An Old Way Continued
by Harold Wadley
The Harmony Project
by Kate Farmer
Foal in the Womb
by A. W. Marrable
From Breeding to Weaning: A Guide to Raising Your Own Foal
by Dwight G. Bennett
John Lyons' Bringing Up Baby: 20 Progressive Ground-Work Lessons by John Lyons
Breeding Management and Foal Development