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Complete Horse Riding Manual
by William Micklem
Creating a Bond
with Your Horse
by Kelly Marks
Perfect Partners: How to Be the Owner That Your Horse Would Choose for Himself
by Kelly Marks
Natural Horse-man-ship: The Six Keys to a Natural Horse-human Relationship
by Pat Parelli
Perfect Manners: How to Behave So Your Horse Will Too by Kelly Marks
Riding and Roadcraft: The BHS Riding and Road Safety Manual Enlightened Equitation: Riding in True Harmony with Your Horse Riding a Horse (Practical Handbook) Getting the Most from Riding Lessons
by Michael W. Smith
Invisible Riding: The Secret of Balance for You and Your Horse
by Sylvia Loch
 Maximize Your Horsemanship
by Richard Maxwell
Horsemanship Through Life
by Mark Rashid
The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman The Bit and the Reins: Developing Good Contact and Sensitive Hands
by Gerhard Kapitzke
Choosing the Right Bit for Your Horse
by Jessica Jahiel
The Care And Training of the Tennessee Walking Horse by Joe Webb
Improve Your Horse's Well-Being(A Step-by-Step Guide to TTouch and TTeam Training
by Linda Tellington-Jones
The Complete Book of Bits & Bitting by Elwyn Hartley Edwards
From Birth to Backing: The Complete Handling of the Young Horse
by Richard Maxwell
Handling the Untouched Horse (Intelligent Horsemanship) Groundwork Training for Your Horse: Develop a Deeper Bond with Your Horse Through a Range of Exercises and Games Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership
by Mark Rashid
The 100% Horse: How to Create the Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Horse
by Michael Peace & Lesley Bayley
Practical Horse Whispering
by Perry Wood
Considering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned The Complete Training of Horse and Rider
by Alois Podhajsky
Down to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse - and Enjoy It! Schooling as You Hack: Getting Your Horse Fit
The Ultimate Horse Behaviour and Training Book
by Linda
Think Like Your Horse
by Michael Peace
Bombproof Your Horse: Teach Your Horse to Be Confident, Obedient and Safe
by Rick Pelicano
Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship by Clinton Anderson Teach Your Horse Perfect Manners by Kelly Marks
The Care And Training of the Tennessee Walking Horse by Joe Webb
Gaits of Gold: Riding, Fitting and Training the Gaited Horse by Brenda Imus
Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horse's Mind by Robert M. Miller
Horse, Follow Closely by GaWaNi Pony Boy
Training the Horse in Hand: The Classical Iberian Principles by Alfons J. Dietz
The Elements of Dressage: A Guide to Training the Young Horse by K.A. von Ziegner
Enlightened Equitation: Riding in True Harmony With Your Horse by Heather Moffett
Dancing with Horses by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling