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Isabelle with Postmark Delight
Isabelle with Postmark Delight, showing their blue ribbon after winning the English Three-gait Class at the European championships at Alpenrod in 2005 (judged by Nicole Carswell)
Photo by Danuta Freiherr

A recent addition to our string of stallions is Postmark Delight. This prime example of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed already made his mark in the United States. Standing out among his many championships and high ranking places at competitions achieved in the U.S., was his being crowned 1990 Celebration Model Plantation Stallion World Champion. Even now, at 25 years old, his model, including his finely chiselled head and ears, is a pleasure to the beholder.

Photos by Hypofocus Photography

Postmark Delight was born in the mother-state of the breed, Tennessee. He surely shows resemblance to his famous grandsire Sun’s Delight D., the 1963 World Grand Champion. Another ancestor, especially noteworthy for beauty in model, was Pride of Panola. He was the sire of the well respected Happy Days K., a great-grandsire of Postmark Delight.

Markus & Isa Postmark in Crossties
We want to quote here from a February 1980 Voice article on Pride of Panola (by Larry Gribble):

“Another factor which Pride had going for him was his outstanding beauty and the ability to pass it on. Pride will be remembered as the one horse that sired the most beautiful of all Tennessee Walkers. No other stallion has passed on the ability to “wear the bridle” quite like Pride of Panola.”

In the Voice of March 1977 we found a reprint of text from March 1967 on Pride of Panola:

“This sire was especially loved by Southern Mississippians. During his show career Pride never wore heavy shoes, boots or chains and from this he was noted as being one of the few “natural” walking horses.”

Postmark Delight, enjoying the good life

Photo by Hypofocus Photography

Postmark Delight surely is a royally bred Tennessee Walking Horse. His dam is line-bred on Blairs Allen, Postmarks’ grandsire. In the February 1977 Voice Blairs Allen was advertised with the following text:

“This outstanding chestnut stallion has become somewhat of a legend in upper east Tennessee and Virginia. He has never been promoted as a breeding stallion, but has consistently produced top colts for many years. His colts have been top sellers due to their excellent conformation and natural walking ability. “PETE”, as he has become known, is an excellent blend of foundation blood and he has a lot to offer every mare owner.”

Postmark Delight - Click to enlarge. Postmark Delight - Click to enlarge.

Postmark became breeding stallion in Florida, at Hard Rock Farm. His trainer there was Sheryl Skala-Carl and she had an important remark about Postmark: “He’s a gentleman.”

He did attract the attention of customers, with emphasis on plantation and lite-shod breeders.

One of his offspring is the lite-shod show horse, Postmarks Julie. Her picture can be found at Cyberhorse (see Links).

Postmark Delight - Click to enlarge.

At eleven years old, Postmark Delight was exported to Europe, where he became a family riding horse. He was used for breeding only sparingly, as the eastern region of the Federal Republic of Germany, where he lived, was virtually void of Tennessee Walking Horses.  He was shown, mostly in Western attire, so he did contribute to presenting the Tennessee Walker to the public.

Postmark Delight & Isabelle - Click to enlarge. Postmark Delight & Isabelle - click to enlarge Postmark Delight & Isabelle - Click to enlarge.

In 2005, we were able to buy this magnificent stallion and he made his move to the Netherlands. In 1995, Postmark had landed in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport, together with the mare, Main’s Free Spirit. Ten years later, both horses returned to the Netherlands, still together. They are remarkably attached to each other, always greeting by whinnying or nuzzling over the stable wall when one of them is turned in from the meadow.

Photos courtesy of Lode Greven
Hypofocus Photography

In the Netherlands and adjoining countries, there are quite a few Tennessee Walkers around and Postmark Delight didn’t fail to attract customers from the Netherlands and Germany, during his very first year in the region. So, for 2006, we eagerly expected his foals in these countries. Apart from breeding, this senior horse also set his mark during competition. By the way, we call him Markus, an appropriate stable name, stressing the tradition of Tennessee Walker names like Mark of Carbon (1978 WGC).

Postmark Delight and Maryann

It was the official European Championship, held under TWHBEA approved rules and judged by Nicole Carswell, where Postmark Delight participated. The place was Alpenrod, in the central region (Hessen) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Here it was Veni, vidi, vici for him, like Julius Caesar said when conquering Europe: I came, saw and was victorious.

Postmark Delight and Isa winning the Alpenrod 3-gait championship. Postmark was by far the oldest participant of the competition and he won the “royal class”, that is the English Three-Gait Class. He was ridden well by Isabelle Huenaerts from Belgium and she stated that the horse was obviously responding to the surroundings, doing what he was taught to do so long ago, showing off before the crowd, with a tremendous running walk. When he was executing his slow and collected canter, Isabelle said she got goose-flesh from excitement, he did so well! Altogether remarkable is that Postmark Delight went through his paces unshod, proving the complete naturalness of his gaits.

We also want to acknowledge his trainer Sheryl Scala-Carl here, for a job well done!

The onlookers responded with hearty applause and of course, many were interested in this champion. Especially Eli Kapshuk, the first TWHBEA Director for Israel, was taken with him and would have preferred to have him available for breeding in Israel!

Ever crowd-conscious, Postmark tosses in that little 'something extra' to keep them entertained.
Photo by Hypofocus Photography

POSTMARK DELIGHT is an incredibly beautiful, wonderfully gaited, 25 year old, black Tennessee Walking Horse. He measures 1,58 cm at the withers (15 hands, 2 inches). He won the 2005 Alpenrod European Champion - English Three-gait Class.  'Markus' is one of the last living grandsons of Sun's Delight D. and offers a rare chance to breed to the precious bloodlines of Midnight Sun, Pride of Panola and Wilson's Allen. Foaled 04/08/1984.

In 2009, there are foals by Postmark Delight expected in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Take the opportunity to add his bloodlines to your herd while this stud is available!

Please find offspring information on foals by this stud under the button "progeny" above.

Breeding fee/Decktaxe:  1000 Euros

Click HERE for an illustrated, 14 generation pedigree analysis.
Postmark Delight delivers a gene pool consisting of:
nearly 30% Midnight Sun;
nearly 30% Roan Allen F-38;
nearly 30% Wilson's Allen;
37.5% Blairs Allen; and
nearly 14% Hunter's Allen F-10.
D Lights Mtn Black Boy Sun's Delight D. Pride of Panola Wilson's Allen
Blairs Allen Happy Days K. 1945 and 1946 WGCh Midnight Sun